Miracielos proyect

Estructura geodésica


Quality memories

  • Surface: House with geodesic structure formed by three semi – detached domes with a total of 81.40 m² of constructed area
  • Geodesic structure Certified wood.
  • Exterior enclosure with structural board, breathable waterproofing. Sheet and silicate cover.
  • Interior enclosure with structural board and natural paint.
  • Cellulose insulation throughout all the dome cover and floor.
  • 17 triangular PVC windows and a 3.28 L x 2.24 H window, also in PVC.
  • Crystals. Triple laminated glazing with double chamber. heat and security protection.  Anti vandal certificate.
  • Sliding, solid and lacquered interior doors.
  • PVC main entance door. High-end.
  • Hight-end laminated floors.
  • Complete kitchen. Appliances not included.
  • Bathroom with screen shower, iroko wood worktop.
  • Electrical installation with touche keys lights.
  • Filtration and air renewal system.
  • Air conditioning by geothermal energy.
  • Sewage treatament plant.
  • 1.40m exterir perimeter tile.
  • Architect and surveyor.