The design of the dome creates an ergonomic living space that is both energy efficient and environmentally friendly.

The main house has an open plan living room, kitchen, dining room and a full bathroom; spiral staircase and a second floor with 1 master bedroom with full bathroom and a guest bedroom.

There is also a garage, a green house and a pergola to the same geodesic design.

The project also consists of an orchard for the house and an orchard of fruit trees, as well as large gardens with aromatic plants of the area. There are 7 beautiful olive trees and a vertical planter of 18 meters in length (100 plants). The property benefits from a full solar system for autonomous electricity supply.

Just a 10 minutes’ drive from Pinoso village and a 35 minutes’ drive from Alicante.

Geodesic Complex Composed Of
Bioclimatic house

Bioclimatic construction consists of creating homes considering the climatic conditions and the available resources (sun, rain, wind) to reduce the environmental impact and the consumption of energy which means pro-environmental and pro-inhabitant spaces.

Energetic efficiency. Low maintenance. Pro-environmental. Healthy.


This building is the result of the experience and thorough study in the field to offer a warm and healthy home. An energy-efficient house with power independence where the last technological advances in solar panels or graphene paints and mortars have been considered as well as all the advantages and knowledge in the use of geothermal and solar energy.

A set of constructions made consciously and with awareness to create the best place to live.

Indoor Photos

Outdoor Photos