In Dimensión Geodésica, we aim for the thorough study of the geodetic structure perfecting its finish and betting on the use of natural eco friendly
materials as mortar and graphene infused lime paint, cellulose insulation, alternative energies – wind, solar, geothermal – and natural water  purification and recycling.

Energy self-sufficient houses

The custom design of the geodesic dome creates a living space tailored to the needs and desires of its inhabitants. A space respectful of the

Healthy, safe and warm homes

Our wish is to create…… The best place to live.

1. Orientation
A good orientation makes the most of the winter sun and protects from the sun in the summer. To this aim, the façade is faced south and the windows are faced south and south-east.
2. Materials
The choice of materials is made with the aim of comfort, saving energy and creating a healthy space. For this purpose, the interior surface is covered first with clay and then with graphene infused lime paints that purify the air. the windows and the door are made of sturdy bamboo wood.
3. Shape
The geodesic domes have a strong structure able to withstand high winds or thick snow. They are antiseismic and very stable. No structure is so stable and strong.
4. Clean energies
The energy input is made through photovoltaic, wind and geothermal energies. This last provides the dome with underground air at a constant temperature of 20º replacing in a natural way the air conditioning systems which means energy and money saving.
5. Insulation
Insulation is made with natural materials like cellulose. And taking into account that the cellulose is evenly distributed throughout the dome surface, we get once more a high efficiency and a saving in heating systems.
The windows are double-glazed and heat-treated.
6. Air circulation
The height of the dome and the possibility of placing windows on its entire surface even at the zenith, facilitates the distribution of heat and stable temperature throughout the house, thus favouring the air circulation.
7. Windows
In Dimensión Geodésica, we have improved the triangular windows embedded in the structure itself increasing its strength and stability by its triangular geometry.
The windows are handmade and double-glazed two chamber thus providing proper insulation.
All this allows us to incorporate large windows to make the most of the winter sun protecting from the sun in the summer.
8. Water
All the wastewater from the house in recycled by an aquatic plants system and reused as irrigation water for the garden.
Ozone is used as pool water treatment and so avoiding the use of chlorinated chemicals.